UBC Millwrights Powering Bright Futures

Published On: January 30, 2024Categories: Press Release

Pickering, ON – January 30th, 2024 – The Government of Ontario has officially announced the refurbishment of Pickering Nuclear Generating Station B Side, marking a pivotal moment in the province’s commitment to meet the increasing demand for energy. UBC Millwright Local 2309 Toronto, in partnership with the Millwright Regional Council – Canada (MRC), is set to play a significant role in this transformative project by collaborating with Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and contractor partners.

The announcement event, held at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, witnessed the presence of esteemed government officials, including the Minister of Energy Todd Smith and Minister of Labour David Paccini. OPG, the Power Workers Union, Building Trades Unions, and media representatives were also in attendance. The event follows OPG’s recent announcement to construct four Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) at the Darlington Nuclear site.

Business Representatives Joe Kowaliw and Kevin Macnamara from Local 2309 actively engaged with OPG and contract partner representatives, discussing the upcoming project with Minister Paccini. This collaboration aims to leverage new technologies, ensuring the successful refurbishment of Pickering B and securing employment opportunities for UBC Millwrights.

OPG plans to invest $2 billion in initial engineering and design work for the project, with an expected completion date in the mid-2030s. The refurbishment is projected to span 11 years, generating approximately 11,000 well-paying jobs annually and boosting Ontario’s GDP by an estimated $19.4 billion.

Pickering B, operational since the 1980s, is slated for refurbishment, including upgrades to four turbines and reactors that will supply 2000 megawatts of safe, clean, and reliable power. Members of Local 2309, who proudly built the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station and have maintained it for over 35 years, welcome this announcement as an opportunity to showcase their skills with precision and professionalism.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Andrew Bredin
Director of Communications & Stakeholder Relations
Millwright Regional Council – Canada

UBC at pickering power plant