UBC millwrights set the gold standard of the industry for mechatronics technicians.

With demand for Mechatronics craftsmen soaring in an automation sector that needs a half-million specialists, high-value training is at a premium.

Manufacturers and project owners need mechanics who are cross-trained in installation and maintenance of automated systems that involve the Mechatronics blend of mechanical, electronic, computing and other technical skills.

UBC members who are trained by the Carpenters International Training Fund’s Mechatronics Program present a valuable, cost-saving asset by integrating the skills necessary for installation, programming and final startup of automated systems.

UBC Millwrights believe in providing quality, integrity and training programs that further enhance our Mechatronics Program by training locally on robotic systems and working towards developing a full scale mechatronics lab training facility to advance our capabilities.

Mechatronics Training

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The UBC Mechatronics Training Protocol

UBC Mechatronics trainees put in two 58-hour weeks at the United Brotherhood of Carpenters International Training Center in Las Vegas, splitting the time between the classroom and the shop floor.

Mechanics train using four integrated systems that include a robot, its electronic controller, and other peripherals. When they leave the ITC, the technicians receive additional jobsite hands-on training.

For the automotive industry and other manufacturers that increasingly use robotics and other automated systems, UBC Mechatronics training delivers craftsmen who are highly skilled — and who possess the vocabulary and understand the systems in order to communicate effectively.

Those who employ highly skilled, cross-trained UBC Mechatronics technicians can expect to gain improvements in efficiency, and on the bottom line.

That’s the gold standard.


UBC millwrights are held to the highest standards. Read our guiding principles for the automotive industry to learn more.

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By using UBC millwrights, you are assured quality, productive work, from pre-planning to maintenance.

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