UBC Millwright Local 1021 Saskatchewan – 55 Years Strong

Published On: March 22, 2024Categories: Direct

Saskatoon, SK – Working in a unionized industry is something that is quite foreign to many across the province of Saskatchewan. The decision to become a union or to work union can be life altering and lifelong. 55 Years ago, in June of 1968 a group of individuals came together and were granted a charter by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America that created UBC Millwright local 1021 Saskatchewan.

Prior to 1968 and the formation of Local 1021, the union millwrights in Saskatchewan worked through neighboring locals from Alberta and Manitoba. As the interest in working union grew, so did the desire to have local, Saskatchewan based representation. Based out of Saskatoon, Local 1021 had to start building the local from the ground up and started out with 49 original members.

With Local 1021 being a new entity, the membership started doing what they did best, from forming new relationships and inroads to securing countless certifications, they built the foundation of what we are today.

55 years later UBC Millwright Local 1021 Saskatchewan is part of the Millwright Regional Council – Canada (MRC) and is strong and prosperous, we have grown from 49 original members to over 270 with some of our 49 original members still a part of Local 1021 to this day. We have our original and past membership to thank for laying the foundation and forging ahead, it was their commitment and devotion that laid the groundwork in creating a sustainable future for the current membership.

Today Local 1021 has and will continue to be a strong union voice throughout Saskatchewan. The resolve of Local 1021 members in performing quality work and working safely and their devotion to the trade is a testament to our strength as a union as we forge ahead for years to come.