Millwright Regional Council – Canada Joins Canadians For CANDU Campaign

Published On: May 14, 2024Categories: Press Release

Toronto, On May 14, 2024 – The Millwright Regional Council – Canada (MRC), is pleased to announce its support for Canadians for CANDU, a campaign to promote the deployment of CANDU nuclear technology at home and abroad in support of Canadian and global efforts to reach net-zero emissions.

“In supporting Canadians for CANDU, the Millwright Regional Council – Canada recognizes the pivotal role CANDU technology plays in advancing our nation’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions. As a testament to Canadian innovation and expertise, CANDU stands as a beacon of safety, efficiency, and national pride. Join our members in this vital campaign to propel our country towards a sustainable future, while fostering economic growth and innovation within our nuclear sector.” said Mark Beardsworth, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Millwright Regional Council – Canada. 

“I would like to thank the MRC for their leadership in Canada’s world class nuclear sector, and their support for CANDU technology,” said Joe St. Julian, President, Nuclear, AtkinsRéalis. “This growing movement can position Canada as a global clean energy champion, while promoting a domestic nuclear industry that Canadians can be proud of.”

Canadians for CANDU was launched on February 28, 2024, under the leadership of Co-Chairs the Right Honourable Jean Chretien and former Ontario Premier Mike Harris.

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Canada enjoys world-leading expertise in the design, construction, operations, maintenance, and overall program management of nuclear reactors, supported by a highly qualified supply chain. CANDU technology is one of Canada’s most important innovations and remains the nation’s only domestically developed and licensed nuclear technology.

CANDU technology—which uses natural uranium—renowned for its safety, efficiency, and versatility, stands as a source of pride for Canadians and remains a leading force in nuclear innovation worldwide. Six decades after it was first developed, it stands as the linchpin of a vibrant Canadian nuclear ecosystem that supports over 76,000 stable and well-remunerated jobs across a wide variety of professional and skilled trades fields, not to mention researchers at our world-class universities and research institutions.[1]

CANDU technology remains the only nuclear power technology that coproduces the medical isotopes that are used in cancer-fighting treatments and the sterilization of medical devices. The current CANDU fleet in Ontario produces 50% of the world’s supply of Cobalt-60, which is used for medical device sterilization.[2]

CANDU intellectual property is owned by the federal government. It is a national strategic asset critical to the energy transition, supporting significant economic opportunities for Canadians.

The Canadians for CANDU campaign calls on the federal and provincial governments to support the only made-in-Canada nuclear technology on the market to help the country reach net-zero and support a thriving domestic nuclear ecosystem.

The choice is clear. It’s time to choose CANDU.



Canadians for CANDU includes industry leaders, members of the domestic supply-chain, academics, and citizens who believe Canadian expertise and innovation has a leading role to play in the deployment of nuclear energy solutions at home and abroad.


The Millwright Regional Council – Canada (MRC) is composed of thirteen affiliated Local Unions of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC) across Canada. UBC millwrights are vital partners in diverse industries such as energy, automotive, aerospace, food processing, and pharmaceuticals.

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