Windsor Embarks on a Thriving Era of Energy Innovation and Economic Growth

Published On: August 23, 2023Categories: News Update
Windsor Embarks on a Thriving Era of Energy Innovation and Economic Growth

Windsor, Ontario, August 11, 2023– The future of battery cell and module production is shining bright in Windsor as construction for the state-of-the-art Next Star Energy Battery Plant gains momentum, thanks to the joint efforts of the Federal and Provincial government. With all parties having inked the agreement, the city is now poised for a surge of spin-off jobs and groundbreaking developments that will propel the region into an era of unparalleled growth and innovation. UBC Millwrights will be at the forefront of this innovation providing the highly skilled, specially trained, and safe labour that is required for successful project completion.

The landmark achievement of securing the Windsor Next Star Energy Battery Plant sets the stage for transformative progress in the region. This strategic collaboration will not only stimulate the local economy but also lay the foundation for sustainable energy solutions. The project paves the way for an array of exciting initiatives that are set to redefine Windsor’s industrial landscape and UBC Millwright Local 1244 Windsor.

Capital Power Energizes Growth:

Capital Power, a key player in the energy sector, is embarking on a momentous expansion journey. With their sights set on bolstering the local power infrastructure, Capital Power is set to increase their power plant's capacity from 81 MW in the summer to an impressive 100 MW during the winter months. This strategic move aligns with projected energy demands, reinforcing the reliability of the grid. The expansion will be situated at their existing East Windsor location, covering a substantial ¾ acre lot. Pending successful environmental studies and regulatory approval, the addition of two Natural Gas Turbine Units is planned. Construction is anticipated to commence in the summer of 2024 and conclude within 18 months, all underpinned by a robust 15-year purchase agreement.

Revolutionizing Shipping and Logistics:

Recognizing the significance of efficient shipping, an investment of $27 million has been earmarked to establish a cutting-edge warehouse at Morterm Terminals. This pivotal development is expected to substantially reduce truck shipments by leveraging the utilization of small, short sea shipping containers. The strategic location of the warehouse will facilitate significant savings in shipping, streamlining the transportation process between the Port of Montreal and Windsor’s port. Set to break ground in the spring of 2024, this initiative has received a noteworthy boost with a government grant of $12.5 million.

Stellantis Fuels Technological Advancements:

Windsor is set to become a beacon of innovation in battery technology, fueled by Stellantis’ bold expansion plans. A 100,000 sq. ft. battery lab is underway at their existing facility, designed to be a hotbed of research and development. This forward-looking lab will focus on a spectrum of critical areas including motor controls, battery technology, power electronics, electric machines, embedded software, electric propulsion systems, and energy management. Construction is well underway on the lab's foundation, marking a significant step forward in Windsor's journey toward becoming a hub for cutting-edge battery technology development.

DongShin Empowers Battery Case Production:

In a move that solidifies Windsor’s position as an epicenter of battery innovation, DongShin is investing a staggering $60 million in the establishment of the first aluminum battery case plant in the region. This groundbreaking facility will span an impressive 170,000 sq. ft., housing advanced equipment including press brakes, metal fabrication machinery, high-speed lathes, punch presses, CNC machines, grinders, welding equipment, and a suite of material handling and packaging systems. The DongShin investment is set to catalyze not only their own growth but the entire Windsor ecosystem.

The convergence of the Next Star Energy Battery Plant, Capital Power's expansion, Morterm Terminals' warehouse, Stellantis’ R&D facility, and DongShin’s battery case plant underscores Windsor's transformation into a thriving hub of innovation, job creation, and economic growth. UBC Millwrights, Millwright Local 1244 Windsor and our partners are primed for an era of unprecedented opportunities and prosperity.

“UBC Millwrights are leading the way in delivering robust training programs and joint-venture industry partnerships that will directly support the success of all Windsor projects, providing work opportunities for our members." said Mark Beardsworth, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Millwright Regional Council - Canada.

Windsor is embarking on an exhilarating journey toward a future powered by innovation, collaboration, and progress. Stay tuned as this transformation unfolds.

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Stellantis/LG electric battery plant in Windsor, Ont.

Stellantis/LG electric battery plant in Windsor, Ont.