UBC Millwrights Is Committed To Working With Our Partners, Indigenous And Community Leaders To Build Pathways For Success

Published On: October 28, 2021Categories: Press Release

Toronto, ON – The Millwright Regional Council – Canada (MRC), launched our second full scale Introduction to Millwrighting (ITM) pilot program at OPG’s Darlington Energy Complex in Clarington.

The cohort of 8 individuals who were chosen are all interested in becoming a member of the MRCO. These individuals were selected from various Indigenous communities in the area and were interviewed by a team to confirm their availability and commitment.

The creation and implementation of the program by our MRCO Sisters In The Brotherhood is an excellent example of what can be achieved through collaboration efforts between multiple organizations.

The training and skills-upgrade program will prepare successful candidates to become millwright apprentices and begin careers as millwrights in the construction and maintenance industry.

“The ITM program and its curriculum outlines the fundamentals of the Millwright trade. It provides the participants an incredible opportunity to secure a meaningful and rewarding career as a fully licensed Millwright within the Millwright Regional Council – Canada.” said Drew Chittenden, Business Manager Millwright Local 2309, Toronto.

The ITM program is a 6-week program that consists of 4 weeks of Millwright skills training in conjunction with 2 weeks of training in the area of math, spatial reasoning and communication. The goal of the program is for the participants to be indentured into the MRCO as first year apprentices, guide their successful completion of the required Union entry aptitude test and prepare them for safe dispatch to a site for work.

“The MRCO is committed to working with our partners, Indigenous and community leaders to build pathways for success through education, experience, and knowledge,” said Mark Beardsworth, Director of Operations with the Millwright Regional Council – Canada.

The following organizations were involved in the creation, funding and launching of the ITM program.

  • Millwright Regional Council – Canada
  • Millwright Local 2309
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • OCNI (Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries)
  • Kagita Mikam
  • AABO (Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario
  • Durham College
  • First Nations Power Authority

The MRCO is committed and eager to look at future opportunities of this nature to support the hiring of more indigenous people into our membership. Upon completion of this 6-week program, a review will be completed and the next ITM program will be scheduled.

About the Millwright Regional Council – Canada Millwright Regional Council – Canada (MRC) is composed of eight affiliated Local Unions of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC) across the Province of Ontario.

We represent thousands of women and men working as progressive cross-trained construction and maintenance professionals with exceptional skills to install, maintain, diagnose, and repair precision machinery.

UBC millwrights are vital partners in industries as diverse as energy, automotive, aerospace, food processing, pharmaceuticals and more.

For media inquires, please contact Duncan McIntosh, Director of Communications, dmcintosh@millwrightont.com.