UBC Millwright Local 1916 – Precision Leveling Course

Published On: June 26, 2023Categories: News Update
Precision Leveling Course

Hamilton, Ontario. The UBC Millwright Training Centre in Hamilton held the third iteration of a Precision Leveling course that was developed to meet the needs of local contractors who had expressed that they wanted more member Millwrights with a practical working knowledge of precision optical levels and methods, above what is gained through the apprenticeship training model.

Throughout the two-day program, the 7 UBC Millwright participants; including a Brother from neighbouring Local 1007, took part in activities aimed at proficient theoretical understanding but more importantly extensive hands-on practical experience, that also emphasized clear, professional record keeping, and the role of the survey/field book as an important tool, this is an important task that is valued by our contractor partners.

As mentorship is a fundamental aspect of training, participants are also encouraged to take their experience to the job site, equipped with pocket-sized guides, that can be kept with their tools and used to help train and mentor fellow members and apprentices.As

the course continues to evolve, participants will be invited back to take part the next stage within the series, which includes in-depth instruction on Theodolites and Total Station equipment used by UBC Millwrights for fast, efficient precision alignment and installation.

Through this, as well other content in development: we strive to promote the Millwright Regional Council and UBC Millwrights excellence in training.

“We have already received a ton of positive feedback from Members in supervision who are seeing the benefits of our new programs on the job”
Scott Speakman Millwright Local 1916 Trainer