UBC Millwright Local 1151 Thunder Bay Welding Training Program Receives Strong Member Engagement

Published On: August 18, 2023Categories: Press Release
Millwright 1151 Welding

Thunder Bay, ON, August 18, 2023 – UBC Millwright Local 1151 is proud to announce the successful launch and ongoing success of its summer Welding training program at the Local 1151 training centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The program has garnered substantial member interest and participation and demonstrates the commitment of UBC Millwright Local 1151 to skill development and professional growth.

The Welding training sessions, taking place every Wednesday and Thursday have quickly become a focal point for local members seeking to enhance their skills and seize new opportunities. With 6 booths, equipped with 6 Miller inverter welders and 2 Mig machines, participants are gaining valuable hands-on experience under the guidance of skilled instructors.

One of the driving forces behind the program's effectiveness is the leadership of retired member Gary Zurkan. With a remarkable 35-year membership with UBC Millwright Local 1151, Zurkan's extensive expertise in welding and fabrication serves as a pillar of knowledge for aspiring welders. His meticulous guidance allows participants to engage in every aspect of the welding process, from flame cutting and preparing welding practice coupons using state-of-the-art radiograph and bandsaw equipment, to executing welds, milling, grinding backing strips, and even performing in-house bending of coupons. This holistic approach empowers participants with both theoretical understanding and practical competence, setting the stage for their success.

“UBC Millwright Local 1151 training standards and continuous welding development programs ensure that UBC Millwrights are trained to meet industry demands that allow us to compete, and win, in this competitive market. The leadership team at Local 1151 is driving business forward providing our partners with best in class.” said Mark Beardsworth, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Millwright Regional Council - Canada

The overwhelmingly positive reception of the program is evident as the booths have consistently remained at full capacity, showcasing the strong desire for advanced skill development within the UBC Millwright Local 1151 membership. By honing their welding abilities through this comprehensive training, participants are positioning themselves for increased work opportunities and prolonged job engagement.

"UBC Millwright Local 1151 Thunder Bay is deeply committed to fostering the professional growth of our members," stated Christian Pepin, Business Representative of Local 1151. "Our welding training program not only equips participants with essential skills but also instills the confidence needed to excel in the field. We are excited to see our members embrace this opportunity and look forward to their continued success."

As the program continues throughout the summer and into the fall shut down season, Local 1151 remains dedicated to empowering its members with the tools they need to excel on the job site. By offering hands-on training, expert guidance, and access to cutting-edge equipment, the local is making significant strides in supporting its members' and the needs of their partner contractors both for industrial maintenance contracts and on industrial construction projects.

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