This Mental Health Week Is All About Empathy Time To #Getreal May 2-8, 2022

Published On: April 27, 2022Categories: News Update

Toronto, ON. – This Mental Health Week is all about empathy and the Millwright Regional Council – Canada stands committed to supporting these initiatives and is ready to #GetReal May 2-8, 2022.

Empathy is the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in their situation. As human beings, we share an ability to imagine what life is like for someone else. To see the world as others see it. To look through someone else’s eyes.

If empathy doesn’t come easily to you, the good news is that it can be learned and practiced. Empathy can help us know ourselves and our own feelings. It can help us lead, help us communicate and help us support and connect with others.

“We may not all understand the power of empathy, or have enough spirit to display it, however I believe that we all have it, and when we begin to harness it, the world opens up more as you develop empathy.” Said Mark Beardsworth, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Millwright Regional Council – Canada.

The MRCO is strongly committed to supporting the mental health and wellness needs of its Members, and offers a variety of Mental Health and Wellness training programs throughout Ontario.

Statistics Canada estimates that 33 percent of workers in the construction industry reported poor mental health, and Canada’s centre for Suicide prevention found that construction is the occupation with the highest rate of suicide among males.

Our Member benefit plan has been designed to provide support for mental health in a variety of ways. Services available to both Members and their family were recently enhanced to provide broader access to mental health professionals through our new Member and Family Assistance Program (MFAP).

For Mental Health Week this year – May 2-8, 2022 – #GetReal about how to help. Be there for each other when times are hard and be ready to listen. You don’t have to agree to understand, and you don’t have to fix it to help.

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