Millwright Regional Council – Canada Addresses Childcare Challenges to Boost Recruitment and Retention

Published On: June 7, 2024Categories: Press Release

Ottawa, ON – The Millwright Regional Council – Canada (MRC) is taking proactive steps to address the childcare challenges that significantly impact our members and the broader industry. Recognizing the crucial role of accessible childcare in recruitment and retention, the MRC aims to support people entering the millwright trade and help parents continue their careers.

MRC members have voiced concerns about the difficulty of balancing long work hours with family responsibilities due to inadequate childcare availability in Canada. This feedback has empowered the MRC to lead the charge in creating effective childcare solutions. In response, the MRC engaged childcare experts nationwide to assess the current landscape and develop a comprehensive program.

On May 27 & 28, 2024, the MRC assembled a leadership team to meet with key Ministers, Members of Parliament, and policy advisors on Parliament Hill. The goal was to initiate a pilot program addressing the childcare needs specific to large construction projects. The meetings were met with enthusiasm, as no union had previously proposed such an initiative. The support from government officials included potential funding opportunities and collaborative efforts to develop practical solutions was positive.

Key suggestions included utilizing modular structures, expanding existing buildings like union halls, and partnering with licensed organizations to establish new childcare centers near project sites. Encouraged by the positive feedback, the MRC Leadership Team is moving forward with next steps to working with government in developing effective childcare programs for our members.

The MRC emphasized that the goal was not merely to seek funding but to gain support for investigating and implementing viable childcare solutions. They urged federal and provincial governments to collaborate with the MRC to make these programs a reality across all provinces for UBC Millwrights.

In addition to childcare, the Advocacy Day provided an opportunity to discuss other critical issues such as immigration policies, the Temporary Foreign Worker program, Investment Tax Credits, and the Mobility Tax Deduction for skilled trades in Canada. These discussions highlighted the vital role of the MRC and UBC Millwrights in Canada’s economic growth across various industries and regions.

About the Millwright Regional Council – Canada

The Millwright Regional Council – Canada (MRC) is composed of thirteen affiliated Local Unions of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC) across Canada. UBC millwrights are vital partners in diverse industries such as energy, automotive, aerospace, food processing, and pharmaceuticals.

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