Introduction to Millwrighting – CNL Chalk River – Wrap Up

Published On: December 7, 2022Categories: News Update

Chalk River, Ontario – On the 2nd of December the Introduction to Millwrighting (ITM) program wrapped up at the CNL Chalk River site in the Minwamon building. The 6-week training program was delivered to a cohort of 8 individuals from various Indigenous communities in the area. These individuals made significant life changes required to commit to the program with the goal of being successfully indentured into the Millwright union as first year apprentices.

Chalk River

Program Overview

The program consisted of two weeks of in class training delivered in partnership with Renfrew County’s Training and Learning Centre team as well as a four-week Introduction to Millwrighting course delivered by qualified Millwright union instructors. Throughout the 6-weeks it was evident that the cohort was fully committed and engaged in the opportunity and focused on the end goal of becoming a Millwright apprentice. The attitude, dedication and integration observed between the participants was exceptional and truly displayed the qualities required to be successful in the Millwright field.

The following organizations were involved in the creation, funding and delivery of the ITM program.

  • Kagita Mikam
  • Indigenous Opportunities Network (ION)
  • Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario (AABO)
  • Training and Learning Centre of Renfrew County
  • Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)
  • Electrical Power Systems Construction Association (EPSCA)
  • Millwright Kingston Local 1410
  • Millwright Regional Council (MRC)

The Millwright Union is committed and driven to look at future opportunities of this nature to support the hiring of more indigenous people into their membership. This 6-week program will be delivered again in the new year in support for recruitment of additional indigenous individuals to work on the upcoming SMR projects as well as other important work throughout the province.

Kagita Mikam
Kingston Local
Training & Learning Centre
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories