$350 Million Dollar Canola Crushing Plant to be Built in the Queen City

Published On: January 25, 2023Categories: Press Release

Regina, SK – UBC millwrights are in high demand across Canada, and this is no exception with Millwrights local 1021 out of Saskatchewan. As projects continue into 2023 or are just beginning, the demand for our skilled work force continues to rise.

Millwrights local 1021 has contractor partners throughout the Saskatchewan prairies, agriculture being one of our few exceptions.  In April 2021 a Canola plant was announced by Cargill in the “Queen City” Regina Saskatchewan.  At an estimated cost of $350 million and roughly 1 million hours of employment this project had the attention of Local 1021.

As Local 1021 began canvassing the contractors to determine the mechanical portion of the project they were informed that one of our signatory employers, BFI Constructors Inc. had secured the millwright work for this site.  As with all projects, this was welcomed news. The queen canola crushing site was the first agricultural project of this size in over a decade that UBC Millwrights would have the opportunity to be a part of.

With over 40% of the Canadian farmland in Saskatchewan the industry is continually growing and evolving. As one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the province Local 1021 has set its sights on being further involved in these types of projects.

“This project offers many Local 1021 members the opportunity to showcase their unmatched skills, safety, and productivity, in a sector that is perfectly suited for UBC Millwrights. With an estimated need for over 60 millwrights at peak, this will be one of the largest and longest projects for the Local in 2023” Nathan Jaeb, Millwright Local 1021 Business Representative.

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Canola Crushing Plant